Can be Easy

(Trust me on this)

Need a bit more LIFE in your branding? The solution might be easier that you think!

See, a brand isn’t something that happens accidentally.

Well, at least not a good brand anyway.

A brand is something that you need to get strategic about – it’s that extra something that takes you from being a mere online blog or biz, and turns you into an identity that people connect with.

Aspire to Love

If your in your first 2 years of business, chances are you you don’t have thousands to spend getting the branding and design of your dreams.

But if your anything like the amazing women I work with in my Brand Lab - you’ve got high standards, and you know the value of crafting a unique identity from day one.

You can experience that success for yourself. You can crack the big-time.

You can get the results (and the moolah) that you’ve been craving.

You’ve just gotta get one thing into place first...your brand.

But lets face it - you’re a coach/blogger/solopreneur NOT a brand strategist and designer.

Enter the Brand Starter Sessions

The essentials that YOU and your starter business needs to:


Imagine having a Brand Strategist (that normally charges thousands) create a new vision for your brand, and break it all down step by step to transform your online identity.


Thank you SO much for your time today Ellissa. It was far more than just useful, you really helped clarify the whole process for us, where we are in that journey, what our next steps need to be and also helped us realise we have a long way to go before The Belief Switch becomes an online course. We’re both also now feeling very certain it will end up looking vastly different to how we are both currently envisioning it. That awareness is so valuable to have now before we start investing in getting it online. 

We’re feeling very clear that those 3 steps you listed are our number 1 priority and we need to stop all else (e-course wise) until we have that sorted. That alone has brought both of us great clarity, focus and relief! 

We both LOVE the mood board you created for us. Love the tweaks you’ve made to our colour palette. Thank you so much."
Amy and Michael Harrison

Investment just $497 AUS (+ GST for Aussies)

What it Includes:

90 min One On One Brand Strategy Session:

Diving to the heart of what you are about, where you want to be in 6 months and how you want it to look and feel. Not sure what to call your new offer? Gone all font crazy and now everything is looking messy and unprofessional? Use this session to pick my brain and get clear on what to let go and what to focus on.

Brand Mood Board:

Our team will create a mood board including a colour palette, font selection and patterns from our stock libraries for you to take and use for your DIY uses OR to help you better brief your designer.

Brand Action Plan:

You’ll get a Brand Plan with an easy to implement step-by-step plan for the following 3 months to up level your brand using free or low cost tools.

Investment just $497 AUS (+ GST for Aussies)



OMG I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much!!!! I actually got tingles looking at my mood board.

Kelly Kozaris

If you understand the value of good branding but need an affordable path to creating a high quality online identity AND are ready to get in there and get your hands dirty to make. it. happen for yourself, I want to work with you.

The investment is only $497 AUS (+GST for Aus residents) and will save you thousands in wasted time and designer fees.  Gold!