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Earlier this year I was trapped within my brand and felt I was hiding behind a logo that no longer resembled me and my message. I was ready to fully step out into the world under a new personal brand but wasn’t going to trust any old developer to create it for me. Seeing what Ellissa had created for others I knew she was a perfect choice for me.From our first session I felt calm and confident that I was in good hands and I was able to get on with running my business while the development was taking place behind the scenes.

The end result blew me away. It captured my personality perfectly and I’m totally in love with my new brand. No more website shame or brand envy for me!

Ellissa is a true branding genius. But she’s more than that – she’s fun to work with too!

Do yourself a favour and get her brain on your biz, now!’

Laura Trotta

Environmental Engineer and Eco-living Educator


Hi Ellissa

I just want to say a huge thank you for pulling together all the aspects of my business and my personality and creating a stunning website and clear branding as a result.

Before I began working with you I was so frustrated about how to reflect myself and my work in a visual way and communicate that to everyone. I knew that people weren’t really understanding what my work is about. I realised that this was a big part of why my business wasn’t getting the exposure I needed, and ultimately why I wasn’t financially successful. So, I decided to enter into a complete restructure.

As soon as I visited your website, I knew I HAD to work with you! Your Brand Lab package was exactly what I was looking for. I was thrilled with everything the package offered - a fully comprehensive walkthrough with branding, website, coaching … and all the other support I was desperately in need of!

I was amazed at how incredibly involved the branding process is. I had no idea how much work this would entail, not to mention the soul searching that was needed for it too! Now my business has a brand and that’s just so exciting, because I now have the clear focus I was looking for.

I know that my potential clients will now ‘get me’ and understand what I’m about as soon as they visit my website. Blimey, I even understand myself more due to this intensive process! You really have helped me to weave together all the loose parts and make a whole beautiful picture that I can now grow from. Thank you so much Ellissa, this has been an intense and incredibly transformative process.

If you use this message for your website, I would love to tell people not to hesitate in making an investment in this area of their business. You are so incredibly talented and have given me the ability to move forward with confidence, joy and clarity.

With oodles of gratitude


Sally Love, crapfreegoddess.com

Lisa Corduff, lisacorduff.com

Victoria Gibson, victoriagibson.com

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