I’m Ellissa Jayne – design junkie, big-time dreamer, and creative expert extraordinaire.


With a head chock-full of ideas, dreams and ginormous visions – and the energy levels to match – channelling my creative powers for good and not… well, evil, has been a lifelong struggle.

As a kid, these tendencies resulted in some rather extreme scrapbooking and stamp collecting behaviours. And in my teens? Let’s just say that I went through a phase where I liked to wrap things in plastic and mould them into cocoons.

My twenties were spent swinging between wanting to be a singer/songwriter/guitarist (no formal training, or natural talent) and a painter (again, no formal training or talent.  Just wine, some candles and some paint.) My former house mate is still traumatised.

Thankfully, I realised that I could funnel the bolts of brilliance in my brain into the interwebs and help some amazing people in the process. Win – win – win. (For you, me, and my house mate.) These days, I pour my creative splendour solely into kick-ass branding, design and websites that are all firmly skewed to the ‘awesome’ side of the internet scales.

After shacking up with a gorgeous Swede, I spent 6 years living in the land of IKEA, ABBA and Absolut vodka (oh my!) with our 2 awesome kidlets in tow. These days home is the glittery, brown, steamy city of #BrisVegas (Brisbane, for the uninitiated).

I am about empowerment.  I want everyone I work with to be empowered by the work I do for them.

If done right, a rebrand should IGNITE your soul, your business and your community.

A pretty website is a by product of what I set out to create for you.  What I really want for you is change, growth, power, success.

I love:  Polaroids.  Wine tasting tours.  Savasanna.   Karaoke.  Fire.  Nashville.

In ten words: Creative. Laugh. Wine. Whoops. Imagine. Idea. Photo. Detox. Retox. Interpretive Dance.

In ten songs: Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush), Calleth You, Cometh I (The Ark), You Get What You Give (Иew Radicals), You Outta know (Alanis Morrisette), (Hmmm. This is hard… I’ll get back to you on the rest.)

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