Brand Accelerator

Brand Coaching and Implementation for Business' ready to accelerate.

Sure, you could keep on slogging away…

// Spending ages crafting the perfect blog post… that hardly even gets noticed.

// Working endless hours… but never really making much headway – or much money.

// Watching other people in your field get all the clients and attention...
while you just get progressively more burnt out.

//  Doing IT ALL yourself, or managing an unpredictable, mish mash of contractors on the cheap.

// And madly praying that things will change soon.

Or, you could learn the secrets of building a sought-after BRAND and BUSINESS that actually supports and fulfils you…

(You know, instead of slowly leaching the life out of you)

… and that generates the kind of impact and income that made you start your own business in the first place.

With a team of web professionals who actually know how to build, scale and position online brands.




Brand Accelerator

A 6-month mentorship and implementation program for Boss-Ladies who are sick of WISHING they had a successful brand and business, and are ready to ACTUALLY make it happen.

Hands up if...

You’ve finally got yourself a website that you’re proud of… but don’t quite know how to transition your business to the next level.

You’re so OVER seeing other people doing better than you online. (What, is there a secret frigging handbook or something?!)

You’re tired of wondering how to switch over to a personal brand, and just want to know the best strategy to get it done.

You’ve got a fab idea for a program or product, but don’t know how to get it off the ground (not to mention, you struggle to find the time to create it).

You’re afraid to be yourself online. (You’re totally fun and confident in person, but it feels so awkward trying to embody that in your business.)

You’ve got so many ideas, you don’t know what to focus on. And you have no clue what’s going to actually move your business forward vs. what’s just a waste of time.

You can’t seem to finish things off in your business. In fact, you’ve become almost fearful of setting firm goals, because it’s been so long since you actually hit one.

You wish you could see your brand with ‘outside eyes’ – What is it that people actually perceive in you? How can you amplify the good stuff (and cover up the bad stuff?)

You know that what you’re getting out of your business is seriously disproportionate to what you’re putting into it. (Your ‘ROE’ – Return On Effort – is so unbalanced, it’s embarrassing.)

Alright, Boss-Lady – hands down.

It’s totally okay if you’re struggling with these things – it’s normal, it’s part of the journey, and BOY are you not alone. In a way, these kinds of problems are good to have, in the sense that they’re growing pains – it means you’ve outgrown your current mode and level of business (yay!) and are ready for the next one.

But let me say here and now, unless you take deliberate action to overcome these growing pains (meaning, using actual proven strategies, and putting into place proper growth-inducing systems) you’re not going to be able to climb your way out of this.

See, these problems arise when you’ve exceeded the limits of your current ‘operating system’ – the skills, mindset and vision that got you to where you are today. Growing pains are a sign that you’ve gone as far as you can using the version you’ve got. And just like an out-dated iPhone, nothing is going to work smoothly from here on in until you take the time to update your business’s ‘OS’.

That’s why you need Brand Accelerator…

Working with Ellissa was one of the best investments I've made in my business in the last year.

Ellissa absolutely nailed my new digital home and created a brand that truely encapsulates me, as a mum, speaker, researcher and beach-lover.

Before working with Ellissa and her team, I was petrified of wearing new 'brand pants' (I'd got kind of comfy in my old brand pants, even though I knew that they were totally outdated). However, Ellissa was reassuring and helped to guide me throughout the entire process.

She was incredible to work with and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to create a new brand identity.

Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Brand Accelerator can help you make more progress in your business in the next 6 months than you did in the whole of last year...

How frustrating is it when you can’t achieve the kind of growth and momentum you want, even though you’re working long hours, reading endless books and blog posts, and trying your best to get noticed?!!

The truth is, you can become so immersed in working in the trenches of your business, that you lose sight of how to create the results you’re seeking, and instead, fall into a few bad ‘brand-habits’…


Because busting through them – and replacing them with the systems, structures and mindset that will actually SERVE you and take you FORWARD – is one of the chief outcomes of the Brand Accelerator program.



Here’s why focusing on your brand is the solution…




When you’ve got your brand right, it does all the heavy lifting for you:

It draws in your ideal readers and converts them into customers – even when you’re not actually working (yep: meaning while you’re asleep).

  • It ensures that your ‘trust capital’ is sky-high (which means people want to hear what you have to say, and are willing to pay for that privilege)
  • It causes your readers to look at you and say “I want some of that. I want to be like that.
  • It radiates the truth of who you are in a way that feels authentic, aligned, and energised.
  • It allows you to position yourself as an expert – and charge the premium prices to match.
  • It allows you to leverage your time and energy. (When you’re a trusted brand, a strategically developed product can become a pillar that builds and supports your business long after you originally created it.)

It builds momentum all around you – there’s a buzz about you, people are talking about you, you get great word of mouth, your posts get shared (sometimes without you even knowing!), influencers start noticing you and reaching out, and your site gets linked to by leaders in your field… and it all happens in a way that’s organic, unforced and genuine.


Ummmmm… nothing! Absolutely nothing.


I know I could help so many people if they just knew who I was and what I did!

Well, the people who I actually work with love me… but I can’t seem to expand beyond that small circle and break through to the next level.

That’s the problem – I used to be a [graphic designer] but now I’m transitioning to being a [health coach].

I’m worried I’m confusing my audience and will have to start over from scratch!!

People see me as a stock-standard (coach /consultant /provider) but I actually do SO much more than that.

I wish I could get them to see how much I have to offer.

I’m nowhere near as big as other people in my industry, even though I know I bring a whole host of (experience/ /credentials /good ideas) to the table.

Sometimes I even worry that I have a bad rep!

I look back on some of the things I’ve written and launched online and it makes me *cringe*.

How do you come back from that?!

Look, building a successful brand can be tough.

It’s so much more than just a flashy website and a fancy logo. Those things are definitely part of the picture, but once they’re in place, you have to take action to move from just being a pretty, two-dimensional website, to being a living, breathing BRAND that people want to connect with, reach out to, and emulate.

I can't even describe how I feel about working with Ellissa. It has been a match made in entrepreneurial heaven from the very start.

I hired Ellissa to complete a total rebrand of my business. I could tell that Ellissa was a strategic and creative designer from our first meeting and someone who wanted to get to the heart of what I was about and create something truly exceptional. The result? She created a personal brand experience that is authentically me and totally stunning.
Ellissa has quickly become my go to girl for all things web design and by the end (if it ends!) I will have engaged her for over 12 months working on strategically critical projects for my business including complete rebrands, sales pages and membership sites. I quite honestly can't get enough of her work! To be perfectly honest I feel like she is part of my team, totally committed to the best strategic outcome for my business and to seeing me suceed.
Working with Ellissa is a dream. Her work is always exceptional quality, she delivers to schedule and on budget and always exceeds my wildest dreams. 
Creative genius? Hell Yes! You'd be mad not to work with her. 
Kathryn Hocking - Creator of Ecourse Launch Formula, Launch Mastery, Ultimate Ecourse Mastermind

So all those biz ladies and online mavens whose faces grace your vision board, and whose blogs you visit religiously?

They’ve created successful brands.

Brands that have their ideal audiences genuinely excited to join their tribes, buy their products, hear their opinions, see their behind-the-scenes, attend their events, enrol in their courses, and soak up all the content they put out into the world.

And the thing is, creating this type of success isn’t something that’s reserved only for a privileged few. It’s not based on luck or ‘who you know’ or winning the internet lottery…
It’s based on a series of simple, actionable, attainable strategies that help you create an authentic brand.


So what exactly is the Brand Accelerator?

This 6-month Brand & Business Mentoring program combines both 1-on-1 sessions 10 hours of design, development and integrations support per month to give you the best of both worlds: laser-focused personalised strategy (just you and me, baby) AND the team to support you to get the work done.

It’s designed specifically for business owners who are lost when it comes to ‘what to do next’ – whether it’s how to scale, how to attract more clients, how to be yourself online, how to get more traffic and conversions, how to step into the role of expert… basically anything that has you feeling stuck and spinning your wheels.

Over our six months together, we’ll uncover your unique Brand Accelerators – diving straight to the core of who you are, what you are about, what you do, and who you serve – then developing a strategy to infuse all that goodness into your online presence to create high-impact results.

Most importantly of all, we’re going to do it in a way that feels right, that’s uplifting for you and your community, and that’s in a style that is uniquely YOU.

Which means: No fakery. No tricks and bribes. No stupid tactics that feel icky for everyone involved.

It’s just you, your skills, and your personality – illuminated, amplified, empowered.  And most importantly:  IMPLEMENTED.

If you’re ready to bid adieu to confusion about what you do, uncertainty about connecting with your ideal clients, hiding your true self from your tribe, and just generally faffing about in your business, then the Brand Accelerator mentorship is for you.

rachelEllissa nailed the branding from day one and really took her time to get to know me. I was blown away by her commitment to my site and my business, as if it was her own. I cannot express in words how lucky I am to have chosen Ellissa to make the magic happen and allow my website to scream my message of health and wellness..


mentoring-testimonial-image-01Love, love, love your work Ellissa Jayne! You are a true talent and a dream to work with!

Naomi Young-Pickrell, Yoga Teacher, Ambassador - Be Free Yoga

Here’s what you get...

Investment: $2000 + 6 payments of $1100 + GST for Aus Residents

This program was specifically designed with the busy online business owner in minD...

Generate and sustain momentum by starting – and finishing – with a bang.

Our time together is sandwiched between two super-productive power sessions, in which we talk big picture about your brand. These one-on-one deep dives ensure that you START and END the journey with that awesome ‘moving sidewalk’ feel – it’s all about momentum, baby!

Stay focused, with training that gets straight to the point, and that doesn’t drag you away from your business.
Accountability is baked right in.
Not only that, DONE-FOR-YOU IMPLEMENTATION is baked right in.

In essence, this entire program is designed to give you every possible chance of success. It’s been structured to walk that fine line between giving you amazing strategies (the ones that help you get big results) but without overwhelming you or causing you to develop stomach ulcers from all the crazy stress. (In fact, that’s the exact kind of shit we’re moving you away from – fast.)

So Boss-Lady, about the next 6 months…
Will they be the ones you forever look back on as being the time where you completely transformed your brand, your business, and your life?

Or will they be… well, just more of the same?
The choice – as always – is up to you.

From our first session I felt calm and confident that I was in good hands and I was able to get on with running my business while the development was taking place behind the scenes.

The end result blew me away. It captured my personality perfectly and I’m totally in love with my new brand. No more website shame or brand envy for me!

Ellissa is a true branding genius. But she’s more than that – she’s fun to work with too!

Do yourself a favour and get her brain on your biz, now!’

Laura Trotta
Environmental Engineer and Eco-living Educator,,

The investment…

1 x 120-minute
Brand Pow-Wow session with Ellissa
(Value: $700)

5 x Monthly
60-minute 1:1
sessions with Ellissa
(Value: $1400)

60 Hours of ‘Get Shit Done’ implementation with one of our expert team members
(Value: $9000+)

1 x 60-minute 1:1
Brand Expansion
Session with Ellissa
(Value: $350)

All this for only $2000 + 6 payments of $1100 AUD + GST for Aussies

(Save $500 – Pay in full)

Lisa Corduff - /

This program is strictly limited in numbers

To ensure I can work with you at a highly intensive level, I only take on a limited number of coaching clients at a time – that way, we can focus on personalised, high-impact strategies that ensure your rapid growth and transformation.

Which means… If this programs sounds like something you’re interested in, please act quickly. Limited spaces means that some people will miss out, and I’d hate for it to

I’ve worked with hundreds of Boss-Ladies to transform their online presence, illuminate their brand, and amplify their results.

Will you be the next Brand Accelerator success story?

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So come join me in the Brand Accelerator Program and transform your business into an in-demand brand achieving out-of-this-world results.

The next level starts here.